Martial Arts Training and Martial Arts Instructor Career Path for young adults that have chosen to move away from the traditional school setting.

The KICK2START Junior Instructor Program is designed to teach leadership, build self-confidence, inspire achievement and aid in the overall development of the student’s character so that these skills may be taken with them and applied in the real world and future vocations.

To learn more about this program and get information on how to sign up, fill out the CONTACT FORM with your questions and our representative will get back to you.

Discover why the KICK2START is one of the most powerful personal growth programs on the planet, and how YOU can join in to transform your attitude, fitness and life itself.


Taught and managed my Master Instructor Rick Tew.

For anyone looking to get a fresh start or learn what it really takes to get started on their life path. Learn more


Be a Black Belt in Mind and Body

Learn a Multi-Martial Art System called the Martial Science and the Mental Martial Art of Winjitsu. Learn more


The Thailand program is available March – May for 1-3 months

The North Carolina program is available September 02 for 1-12 months

The California 10 Day Summer camp in Yosemite (Fresno) is available August 02 for 2 weeks

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Currently programs are offered in both Asia and the United States. We are working on a short program for Europe in the summer of 2013.

The long term program will be held in Las Vegas. You live in group housing with us for the duration of your program. We combine the best of Nevada and California for our adventure travels. Learn more


This program offers many benefits and great for anyone looking to improve their life and learn a new skill at the same time. The martial arts and mental training has many benefits both physical and mental. Our main focus on benefits is helping you to be more SELFISH:

* Self-Esteem
* Self-Confidence
* Self-Discipline
* Self-Control
* Self-Power
* Self-Actualization
* Self-Defense
* Self-Motivation
* Self-Help

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We have a very limited amount of space for this program as Mr. Tew can only take on so many live-in Students at any given time.

You can contact us and see if you are right for our program. You can also join us for a shorter program or camp as well as request Mr. Tew to speak with you as a Life Coach.

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I quit school – now what?

The answer – follow your dreams!

About seven thousand students drop out every school day.  Is your child one of them? Is your child one who fails to thrive in a classroom setting?  It may seem like the end of the world, but it doesn’t have to be! Continue reading